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Our Story Begins In A Small Cornish Town

Our (Multi-Award Winning!) Story

Established in 1967, Williams & Son are proud to supply both the High Street and local businesses with the finest quality meat. With over 160 years of combined experience, knowledge and skill, we have a full team of butchers to accommodate your needs, whether you are a remote coastal café, local shop or a bustling grand hotel.


We have been a member of the Q Guild for over 20 years and it's one of our proudest achievements to date. Being in the Q Guild, and one of only two in Cornwall, is a huge honour and we strive to always do our best to uphold both our name and the Q Guilds with high standards in knowledge, hygiene and, of course, quality.

Welcome to the home of Britain’s best quality butchers.

We represent the highest quality butchers and independent meat retailers in the UK. Our 121 members from Inverness to Cornwall, serve £5 million worth of outstanding meat and related products to over a quarter of a million discerning UK consumers every week.

Our quality butchers are award winning, leading experts in their field. Quality, passion and craft skills run through their veins. The Q Guild brand is a seal of excellence.

- The Q Guild

Britain's Best Butchers

"The Guild represents skills, craftsmanship and above all, quality"

Q Guild
Sliced Beef
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