Mega Steak Bundle

Mega Steak Bundle


Only £39.99!
Our most popular product is back and even BIGGER!
You will receive:

4 x 6-8oz West Country Sirloin Steaks

4 x 6-8oz West Country Rump Steaks

4 x 6-8oz West Country Fillet Steaks

4 x 6-8oz Pork Steaks

4 x Steak Butters or Garlic Butters (dependent on stock levels)

2 x Peppercorn Verstegen Micro-sauces

2 x Steak Diane Verstegen Micro-sauces


All products suitable to freeze.

All fresh meat must be refrigerated as soon as possible at 5ºC or lower.

  • Garlic butter florets: Butter, Herb, Garlic Puree , Salt, Sunflower Oil, Concentrated Lemon Juice, Spice, Flavouring.
    Allergens: Milk

    Steak butter florets: Butter (80-90%), Red Onion (5-10%), Onion Puree (2-5%), Herb (2-5%), Spice (<2%), Salt (2%)

    Allergens: Milk

To qualify for our free local delivery meat orders must be over £20.

The basket total is an approximation only.


Please note all meat is either priced per kg, by steak cut or by weight (unless otherwise stated). Please look in the item description for more information. As we are a traditional butchers all meat is cut and then weighed after the order has been placed. We will try our best to cut the meat to your desired weight, which will then be as close to the basket price as we can get it.
Once your order has been put together we will give you a call the day before delivery with the exact amount owed.

This enables us to give you the best price possible. Thank you. 

Weight guide

80g = 3oz

110g = 4oz

140g = 5oz

170g = 6oz

200g = 7oz

220g = 8oz

270g = 10oz

450g = 16oz

500g = 1lb 2oz

750g = 1lb 10oz

910g = 2lbs

1.2kg = 2lbs 10oz

1.6kg = 3lbs 8oz

2kg = 4lbs 7oz

*Conversions are approximate.