Rolled Turkey Saddle

Rolled Turkey Saddle

PriceFrom £19.08

A turkey crown without the bones. These joints are quicker to cook and very easy to carve and there is very little wastage! A popular  choice amongst those that favour light pure breast meat. 


Only £6.36 per kg!

If you would like your saddle dressed with oranges and streaky bacon or smoked streaky bacon please select it from the drop down menu.

All fresh meat must be refrigerated as soon as possible at 5ºC or lower.

Always unwrap your bird and place it in a refrigerator. The bottom shelf towards the back of your fridge is always the coldest. Remember to remove any giblets and keep in the fridge until you need them. If your bird is frozen, thawing takes around 24-30 hours:- pat dry with a dry cloth and it will roast to perfection.


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